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Founded in 1958 by Leonard A. Des Jardins, R&D continues its tradition of exceptional legal services in business, real estate, litigation, and estate planning.  Since our inception, the attorneys at R&D have protected our clients from unforeseen risks by constantly evaluating their business practices against the ever-changing laws of the United States.  Whether you are contracting for a new employee, a new vendor or a new piece of real estate, our attorneys have done it before and can help you streamline the process to minimize your costs and maximize your benefits.

Our attorneys have long experience in diverse litigation often referred from attorneys and firms throughout the United States. While most firms devote all their time and your money to working a case, we have learned that litigation in any form is wasteful.  The courts are a last resort, and only to be used when the benefits clearly outweigh the costs.  Your attorney is your business advisor and should provide you with clear and timely answers to your questions.

At R&D we take these maxims to heart.  So much so, that we reinvented the way we do business to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective first-rate lawyering without the unnecessary high costs. We moved away from the traditional law firm setting and operate a more advanced model. Here’s how:

Value-Driven Fees

We got rid of the expensive office spaces and invested in technology, allowing us to operate in a low overheard environment. Our low overhead allows us to offer flexible, value-driven, and creative fee structures. Our business model creates significant savings we pass onto our clients.

Top Attorneys

Just because we can offer lower costs for our clients does not mean our attorneys are not first-class. Our attorneys are seasoned professionals with a broad range of experience serving multiple practice areas. Our attorneys are consistently being recognized and honored by peers, clients, and various industry organizations.  

Effective & Efficient Communication

Our proprietary systems are designed to support remote communication. Client meetings are often web-based, reducing travel time and costs to our clients. However, we also recognize the importance of face-to-face meetings and are happy to travel to our clients at their convenience. Our documents and materials are stored in a private Sharefile site and client portal offering clients real-time access to their documents, case files, calendars, and invoices in a private, secure portal. Faster, clearer communication equals more value and less costs to our clients.


In light of cyber attacks and the sharing of sensitive, confidential information, we understand the importance in taking all necessary measures to safeguard our clients’ information.  We provide each client with a secure client portal allowing them access to their documents, files, calendars, and invoices anytime anywhere.  Clients can provide comments and revisions to documents without having to email and run the risk of losing their information or having it stolen. 

Environmentally Friendly

We understand the importance of sustainability. We travel less and work remotely, drastically reducing our carbon footprint. Our attorneys also operate in a “paperless” work environment.

Our attorneys are always pleased to meet or speak with existing and prospective clients to discuss particular legal needs and show you the advantages of working with us.  We are also happy to furnish additional and more specific information, including references and a list of representative clients, upon request. Contact us, we would like you to join our family.


For more than seven years, the Reda & Des Jardins team has provided Forest Financial Group with a comfort level of professional expertise that is…

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